Concert Tonight

Looking forward to concert tonight with Paul Roe and David Bremner. It’s always fun working on new repertoire – 5 new trios, 3 new duets and I’ve three pieces off, so there’s been a lot of different types of learning happening for the past few weeks.

It’s so great working with these two brilliant musicians and seeing their approaches to the music and creating what we hope will be very exciting and thrilling concert tonight.

Also, I’m doing some speciality sightreading. It’s something I’ve always just been good at and I suppose that is why I put very little value in it. It does interest me though when I start working out how I can produce sound straightaway from the black dots on the page. Sebastian Adams has written a fascinating piece that generates music on the spot for me to sing. Blink and you miss it type of thing – the audience sees the score too, so I hope I pull it off.

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