I am an Irish soprano: I specialise in performing music by living composers. I love collaborating with others to create exquisite concert performances for interested listeners.

In recent years I have collaborated extensively with Jennifer Walshe (my company Béal presented a retrospective of her vocal ensemble music at the Project Arts Centre in Dublin in 2016), Christopher Fox (he wrote two of the works on my debut CD, has written 2 song cycles for me), David Bremner (we founded Béal together in 2010 and have brought Robert Ashley, Tom Johnson and others to Dublin for our concerts – we also have collaborated on a number of pieces including a song-cycle for voice and viola). Since 2008 Gráinne Mulvey has written much music for me, including Don’t Walk (for voice, guitar, cello, electronics and video – 45′), Judith (we presented a work-in-progress of this opera in a version for voice and electronics, telling episodes from Virginia Woolfe’s life), and she is currently writing Great Women commissioned by Great Music in Irish Houses who have booked me to give a solo recital solely devoted to music by Gráinne Mulvey for my voice and electronics.

To buy my latest release Great Women visit https://elizabethhilliard.com/buy-cd-of-great-women/

Brief Introduction to my work
A recent concert featuring works written for me by Jennifer Walshe, Ian Wilson, David Bremner and Gráinne Mulvey
  • Rehearsal Room
Christopher Fox: Sea to the West
Linda Buckley: Numarimur