Don’t Walk

I’m currently revisiting a collaboration between Gráinne Mulvey and Mihai Cucu for the Carlow Arts Festival.

Previously myself John Feeley (guitar) and Adrian Mantu (cello) performed this in The Lab in late 2013. I was struck by how all the different parts of the piece come together so perfectly.

It seems the best form of collaboration where each of the participants trusted the others to do their own part, allowing everyone to concentrate on their own role. For the performers, Gráinne created scores in which our cues are in the electronic track. There is no need for co-ordination between the players, it is always clear when your material is foreground, when it is background. I remember how we constructed it together in December 2013 and can’t wait to bring this together again in Carlow’s Deighton Hall.

I was young and it suited me just fine
to talk about death
I tore the calendar pages happily
unaware of whom I was
How was I to know that happiness is lost early

(Ciprian Macesaru)

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