Find Your Voice – Week 2

I’m so pleased to share the second of my five week series for July 2020 – Find Your Voice.

Sometimes it can be easy to get caught up in feelings of anxiety and nerves around singing in front of others. It is important to remember when working with this to be really kind to yourself. I suggest taking a few minutes perhaps twice a day to practise calming your system down. When this is practised, it can become much easier to rely on a strategy to help you in the moment of singing. It is really helpful to remind yourself that you love singing, tell the story while you are performing a song. You have put in the preparation work, you can sing for friends or family (if you want to). The tips share here are all things I do myself in my own singing performing and I’d love if this can help you with becoming more comfortable with any anxiety around performing. Do remember the idea isn’t to wait until you have zero anxiety, but to allow yourself to have more comfort around the situation.

We again explored some breathing skills. We were concentrating on the ‘oo’ vowel this week, remember relax the muscles around the cheeks, lip, chin as you bring your lips forward and your tongue relaxed low in the mouth and the tip gently touching the bottom teeth. We noticed when singing higher especially it is really good practice to gently lift the top jaw.

We finished off by singing through the opening of Irvine Berlin’s hit:

What’ll I do

What’ll I do when you are far away
And I am blue, what’ll I do?

What’ll I do when I am wond’ring who
Is kissing you, what’ll I do?

What’ll I do with just a photograph
To tell my troubles too?

When I’m alone with only dreams of you
That won’t come true, what’ll I do?

Come back on Thursday 16th July at 5pm on my Youtube Channel for the next in the series where I will share some tips on how to release tension in the tongue, jaw and neck to increase ease in your singing and help your breath to flow more easily.

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