August 2012

just back from performing at Walled City Music Festival with David Bremner – we presented a recital of contemporary Irish music – really enjoyed working back up some of the music we have premiered and worked on over the last few years. Also, I did a workshop for young composers there on writing new vocal music – seemed to go well.

I’ve got an unaccompanied recital coming up in a few weeks which should be fun – I’m doing a few new pieces to me: a song by Piers Hellawell, and a new re-working of a song by Massimo Davi, and an excerpt from Derek Ball’s opera he’s writing for me – with those I’m also doing The bright kids (logic ballad) by David, Grainne Mulvey’s Eternity is now and Laura Kilty’s Black.

This weekend David’s Mum and sister Holly are visiting and hopefully we’ll get a chance to see the PaperDolls – they’re in Meeting House Square this weekend
still haven’t seen the new Batman film, but must do that soon.

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