Listening to explore

Sitting in a train terminal / airport terminal can be such a stressful occasion. One knows that amongst those there, there are people making journeys of great joy, of excitement, new beginnings and also there are those that are travelling out of hardship, in an emergency or perhaps to seek vital  healthcare abroad. I find just sitting and allowing myself to observe as much of the sounds I can hear and the scenes I can see to really relieve this stress. To become one with the environment, to just allow the sounds and sights to wash over can be very energising and yet calming at the same time – one experiences a different sense of time in these situation. At every moment in an airport someone is rushing / late / not going to make their flight, wishing time would slow down, while at the same time someone else is sitting / waiting / standing at the gate, wishing time would speed up and take them to their journey’s end.

I’ve long been interested in how we experience the sound all around us, and in the last few years have discovered the music of Karen Power. I am fascinated by the various layers of sound that surround us all the time, those we notice and those we choose / try to ignore. There are so many layers in our life and through art I try to find a satisfying way of sifting through different ideas and making sense of what can seem like chaos in the world around.

Karen’s use of the the unheard or ignored sounds that she amplifies in her work really resonates with me. I have found this video she produced after a trip to Arctic – stunning video footage and fascinating commentary and music.

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