Béal Festival

Just six weeks to go to the festival of music and poetry that I run with David Bremner. This week has been a whirlwind of meetings with designers, composers, technical managers (can’t understand a word they say, I try to memorise the sequences of words they say, it’s a bit like code), directors. And obviously on top of all that we’ve been performing. Last night we performed a recital of Debussy, Irish and English song in the Ranelagh Arts Festival. It was disappointing to see so few people out for it, but those there really did enjoy it and it was a pleasure to be singing such beautiful music. Afterwards we headed up to Kinara in Ranelagh. A Pakistani restaurant, quite a favourite of mine. Had nehari gosht, which is beef cooked in a spicy sauce with some lemongrass and ginger I think mixed in.
Check out http://www.bealfestival.wordpress.com – it should have all the information for this year’s festival by the end of today!

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